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4 Mpx – new quality AHD by NOVUS!


The response to the increase in supported resolutions of IP cameras is AHD by NOVUS with 4 Mpx resolution. The NOVUS brand has introduced new recorders and AHD Multistandard cameras.
The great advantage of the new series of recorders is the support for AHD 4 Mpx, TVI 4 Mpx and CVI 4 Mpx. In addition, the DVRs can be used in any analog CCTV system without the need to verify the type of signal coming from the cameras. The universality of this solution emphasizes the compatibility with analog systems working in standard 960H resolution.
Besides the advantages of Multistandard, the recorders support hybrid mode, allowing simultaneous connection of analog cameras and IP cameras.
Recorders allow up to 15 fps for each channel at 4 Mpx and 25 fps for all lower resolutions.
In addition, all models have an eSATA connector for external disk arrays. The recommended, compatible device NV-5000EST-H4 allows for mounting 4 disks with up to 32 TB of total storage space!
The DVR's offer also includes the innovative 4 Mpx camcorders: NVAHD-4DN3202V/IR-1 vandal-proof dome camera and NVAHD-4DN3202H/IR-1 bullet camera. For commonly used 75Ω coaxial cable, the transmission range of 4 Mpx cameras reaches up to 350 m, which goes well beyond the standard.
What is worth to emphasize, cameras can be configured using the DVR COAX protocole. Such functionality ensures a simple and fast installation process.
For more details on the new AHD Multistandard series see the specification.


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