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6000 series network recorders compatible with the NMS platform


6000 Series network recorders, which are highly appreciated, have been integrated with the NMS platform (Novus Management System) - a professional solution for video surveillance.

The recorders described here are the next series of devices, following the AHD hybrid recorders by NOVUS, which uses the extensive graphical user interface of the NMS platform. This makes the NMS application a versatile tool for building extensive video monitoring systems, additionally combining different video signal standards (AHD and others). The versatility of the NMS solution results, among others, from the possibility of observing images on six monitors in the maximum division of 6x6. This allows you to freely display video streams, which other network recorders do not guarantee.

The recorders are found in the local network using the built-in search engine and automatically added to the system. There is no limit on the number of connected devices. The only restrictions may be due to overall hardware performance and network infrastructure.

NMS uses the mechanism of switching video streams depending on whether the images from cameras are displayed in division or full screen. This applies to both current images from cameras and images from recorded video material. The recording of video streams can be done both in the recorder and in the NMS application, which gives the possibility of redundant recording collection.

Registrars of next generations, including network recorders from the planned 2000 series, will also be integrated with the NMS platform.

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