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8-disk IP recorder with intelligent functions

The 8-disk recorder allows simultaneous recording of 32 video channels in 8 Mpx (3840 x 2160) resolution with the same number of audio channels. The recording speed for all channels is 960 fps. The total stream rate of recorded video streams can not exceed 256 Mbits, which for a single channel gives an average of 8 Mbps. Up to eight hard drives, each with a capacity of 6 TB, and two additional drives via E-SATA connectors can be connected to the recorder to create a 60 TB (!) Archive. In addition to the 4K (HDMI or VGA) main output, the DVR has a Full HD HDMI spot output, allowing you to view full-screen, split, or sequence images.
The DVR receives alarm events from the analysis of the images of the IP cameras of Series 3000. In such events, an alarm action is activated such as: sending an email, activating an alarm output, or sending a notification to a mobile application. The intelligent features of the selected camera models can also be configured from the DVR without the need of use of camera network interface. The DVR has two RJ-45/1000Mbit/s network interfaces to support cameras from two separate subnets or to perform a redundant connection to a single camera network. In case of failure of one connection, the second connection becomes active automatically.

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