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Dynamic parameters change in data recording in series 6000 IP recorders


6000 Series NOVUS IP recorders support up to 5 Mpx (2592x1944) resolution for each stream and compression algorithm H.264/H.264+/H.265 mode. Each stream can be recorded up to 30 fps regardless of the resolution. 4 and 8 channels models are equipped with network switch for powering cameras (PoE) and to communicate with them.

Two functions of new series recorders deserve special attention. In cooperation with series 3000 cameras this devices dynamically change parameters of first video stream depending on alarm activity. It means that in case of motion detection or alarm input event cameras can increase resolution, increase stream and enhance the quality of recorded materials. It makes optimal free disk space management possible.

Second practical function of these recorders is possibility of searching materials by gradually narrowing the time intervals. Based on single frame from certain cameras operator narrows time intervals that are given to search the data up to certain month, day, hour and minute.

Recorders give remote access in live mode and playback of recorded video by means of portable devices (smartphone, iphone) – with SuperLive Plus application installed. It supports P2P mode, which means no need of port forwarding or owning public IP address.


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