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New models in 4 Mpx cameras offer


NOVUS brand has introduced new vandalproof and bullet 4 MPX cameras, with a view to market requirements.

The cameras generate image with speed of 20 fps for the highest resolution (2592 x 1520) and 30 fps – for 2048 x 1520 and lower, thus they are perfect for observation dynamic or detailed scenes, where recognition and identification of people is essential. The cameras can generate up to 3 streams simultaneously with speed of 20/30 fps. They support H.264 and H.265 compression algorithm.

NVIP-4DN2001V/IR-1P, NVIP-4DN2002V/IR-1P and NVIP-4DN2004V/IR-1P are vandalproof models with IP 66 degree of protection.

The cameras, depending on model, are equipped with lenses: standard, f=2.8 mm and varifocal,
f=2.8~12 mm with motor-zoom, 2.8~12 mm.
LED system of IR LED illuminators enable observation in low lighting conditions even at a distance of 40 m.

All models have advanced image analysis functions, thus the observation and reactions to events are much easier.

Vandalproof models:

Bullet models:

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