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New models! HYBRID AHD recorders


NOVUS product line has been expanded with new generation of high definition 3000 and 5000 series AHD hybrid recorders. These models are the answer for the vital need, which was formed as a result of the requirement for increasing quality monitoring while optimizing costs.

AHD hybryd technology is a perfect way for modernization of existing systems, where simultaneous analog high definition and IP cameras operating is possibile.

New AHD hybrid recorders support AHD 1080p cameras and high resolution IP models, even up to 4 MPX.
The recorders detect the signal standard automatically and switch to the appropriate, PAL or NTSC operation mode.

We encourage to check the full specification of AHD hybrid recorders .
4-channel: NHDR-5104AHD     
8-channel: NHDR-3208AHD & NHDR-5108AHD
16-channel: NHDR-5116AHD


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