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New monitors in Novus Video Intercom Systems



NVE-M200 user monitors have been replaced by new user monitors NVE-M200LITE and NVE-M200WIFI. The introduction of new monitors
begins the next stage in the development of the Novus video intercom system. The novelties introduced by the new devices include, first of all, PoE power supply
(standard IEEE 802.3af) and a mobile application enabling remote connection with the system. The application is available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

New Features:

  • PoE power supply
  • N-VIS mobile application (only NVE-M200WIFI)
  • Higher display resolution: 1024 x 600
  • Record videos while previewing cameras and automatically during call
  • Manual or automatic ip address
  • Up to 6 monitors in one apartment
  • Intercom function between monitors in one apartment
  • More alarm zones: 8 zones
  • Alarm relay output for siren connection
  • Door panel NVE-VDB200 connection (only NVE-M200WIFI)

N-VIS mobile app:

  • Redirecting calls from the panels to the application and the possibility of talking to guests.
  • Door and gate control
  • Preview of cameras from panels and possibility of capture photos and video recording
  • PUSH notifications of alarm functions

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