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New version of NMS software (1.32.16)


Dear Users,

Due to constant development and adjusting the NOVUS offer to highest expectations of our clients, we have implemented a new version of NMS 1.32.16 (NOVUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM). Following features and capabilities have been added:

•    New functions:

     - Permissions for video Windows – allows to manage the number of available video windows for individual users
     - Permission: Screenshot – allows to turn on/off the screenshot option for each user
     - Output reaction: Restart NMS application – new reaction set in events initiating the NMS application restart
     - Delay download for exported files – new functionality, which allows to set specific start time for downloading the exported files from Server to the Client Station
     - Exported files remote management – makes it possible to download or delete the exported files on the Server from the Client Station level

•    New IP devices' support:

     - NVIP-1DN3001V/IR-1P-II
     - LAN Controller

Being the NMS user, you can always easily download the most recent software version via our website www.nmsip.com.
We hope that the constant access to the latest updates makes your work more comfortable.


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