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NOVUS network switches recommended for VSS and AC systems


All NOVUS switches are compatible with IEEE802.3af standard and able to power suppling devices with PoE method. Power that can be use from every single network port is up to 30W, which is more then defined in standard. Manegable models of switch are compatible with IEEE802.3at (PoE+) and able to supply devices with high power consumption (IR illuminators, heaters etc.). In case of using longer connection (longer then standard 100m) we create function avalible in choosen switches that allows us to make connection up to 250m. In this extended mode we are limited for 10mb/s per port, which is way enough for even 6Mpix cameras, and do not couse any negative effects.

Thanks to the extended mode, you can simplify wiring and eliminate intermediate devices. The 16- and 24-channel models have Uplink fiber ports that are useful in facilities where the distances between peripheral devices and switches exceed 250 meters.

Switches have features that increase the security which defend against unauthorized access to system resources. The VLAN function allows separating network fragments for various devices using the 802.1x protocol (one key VLAN) or by directly separating ports in the switch. Other security-related functions of the switches are Link Aggregation - connection redundancy, STP / RSTP (Spanning Tree Protocol) - protection against network loops in a system, as well as MAC Binding - assigning the selected MAC address to the selected switch port.

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