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NOVUS TS real-time remote body temperature measurement system


Professional system for remote body temperature measurement NVIP-2H-8912M/TS SET

Important features:

  • simultaneous and fast measurement of body temperature of many peoplemeasuring
  • accuracy +/- 0.3°C
  • contact-free and autonomous temperature control of people from a distance of 3-5m
  • face detection algorithm eliminating false alarms
  • possibility of signaling in the supervisory software on exceeding the pre-set alarm threshold

The set consist of:



The thermal imaging camera enables remote measurement of body temperature of many people (simultaneously and quickly). The system is an excellent solution in the fight against COVID-19 epidemic (coronavirus) as well as other viral infections in which one of the symptoms is fever. The camera helps to reduce the risk of infection in places where groups of people are unavoidable i.e. shopping centers, offices, schools, enterprises, stations, airports, stadiums etc.

It is an ideal solution which should be a standard element of security policy in all places
where many people gather and interact constantly with each other.


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