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NVIP-2H-6732M/LPR camera with advanced image analytics.



The NVIP-2H-6732M/LPR model has joined the offer of cameras with advanced image analytics. The camera has an implemented licence plate recognition algorithm, thanks to which you can create (with a barrier/gate, etc.) an autonomous entry/exit control system. The built-in relay allows you to control the passage, thanks to which we do not need additional accessories to create a complete set.
The database created in the device memory allows you to save up to 10,000 vehicles. The database is created by manually entering vehicles through the camera's browser interface, or by importing a CSV file.
The camera has a slot for SD cards (up to 128GB), on which photos and recordings of the moments of recognition can be saved.

The camera is integrated with the NMS software. Thanks to this, on a workstation with installed NMS software it is possible to:

  • receiving license plate recognition and saving them in the application logs
  • direct link to the recording correlated with the selected recognition

The 6000 series recorders (fw 1.4.4 and above) in combination with the NVIP-2H-6732M/LPR create a plate recognition system which compared to the camera's autonomous operation, additionally offers:

  • saving recognitions in a database
  • vehicle statistics and export it a CSV file
  • quick view short playback material from chosen recognition 
  • advanced scenarios of alarm reactions

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the operation of the system, both in the standalone version and in combination with the 6000 series recorder,
via our YouTube channel:

See our channel on