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The NVR-4532-H4 / F model supporting up to 32 cameras



The NVR-4532-H4 / F model supporting up to 32 cameras has joined the standalone NOVUS 4000 series recorders.
Video streams can be encoded in H.265 + format with resolution up to 8 Mpx (video + audio). In order to effectively observe the images by the operator,
the device has been equipped with monitor outputs - main HDMI with 4K i, VGA and auxiliary VGA with Full HD resolution.
The recorder has been equipped with two 320 Mb / s network interfaces enabling access by up to 40 users simultaneously.
Access is possible using the client software and a computer with the Windows or MAC operating system, using a mobile device with the Android or iOS operating system, as well as using a web browser.

This recorder has intelligent functions for image analysis, including:

  •  sabotage
  •  line crossing
  •  entering the zone 
  •  appearance of an object
  •  disappearance of an object 
  •  face detection 
  •  detection of people 
  •  counting line crossings
  •  face recognition
  •  audio detection
  •  enter the zone by a person or a vehicle
  •  crossing the line by a person or a vehicle

Intelligent search in the playback panel, by selecting a specific zone on the viewed video stream,
we are able to filter the recordings that have been saved using the VCA function.

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