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Special purpose IP camera

The NVIP-2C5000ATM is a camera designed for ATMs surveillance. The camera module is small in size - 33 mm (W) x 32 mm (H) x 33 (L) mm. The pinhole type lens has a brightness of F2.0 and a focal length of f=3.7 mm and thus a wide viewing angle of 83º. This module produces Full HD image (1920 x 1080). In addition to the network interface, the camera has a BNC output for integration with high resolution AHD analogue systems. The camera installed in the ATM is exposed to direct sunlight. Correctly displaying people using ATM is possible due wide dynamic range (WDR) with double sensor scan.
The camera can work by itself by recording video and audio streams on a microSD/SDHC card up to 128 GB. Recording on the card can be carried out in continuous or alarm mode (in case of activation of alarm inputs and motion detection). The data stored on the microSD card can be played back directly from the camera's web interface using Internet Explorer. In addition, in response to alarm events, the camera can send an e-mail with an attachment, save the data on the FTP server and activate the alarm output.
Furthermore, the camera has audio input and output for two-way audio communication. It is compatible with the NMS (Novus Management System) video surveillance application.

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