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Thermal imaging cameras for special tasks


NOVUS surveillance systems assortment has been expanded with thermal imaging cameras.

Five new models have been introduced with different lens: f = 8 mm/F:1.0 (for NVIP-T5000H-1P), f = 15 mm/F:1.0 (for NVIP-T5001H-1P), f = 25 mm/F:1.0 (for NVIP-T5002H-1P), f = 35 mm/F:1.0 (for NVIP-T5003H-1P), f = 50 mm/F:1.0 (for NVIP-T5004H-1P), and three speed dome models NVIP-T52/2DN5022DPT-1, NVIP-T53/2DN5022DPT-1 i NVIP-T54/2DN5022DPT-1 with dual head that combines advantages of classic speed dome camera with motor-zoom lens and thermal imaging camera.

These are perfect devices for wide area surveillance and perimeter security of important objects (e.g. airports) with bad lighting conditions.

For lens with focal length of 50mm, the maximum distance from which people are recognized is 650m. By using high quality FPA microbolometer image sensor operator can measure temperature of the observed object. Effective pixels number in FPA image sensor equals around 100.000 - 396 (H) x 264 (V), thermal sensitivity is 50mK.

Cameras are equipped with network interface and can generate simultaneously two video streams with resolution 704 x 480 and 352 x 240 pixels (with H.264 or MJPEG compression). Cameras are compatible with NMS software which offers automatic alerts function when object of temperature above certain level appear. It allows the automation of the surveillance process. Cameras have degree of protection marking classified as IP 66 and operate at temperatures up to -30°C.

More detailed information – IP Cameras


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