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Supports HD analog cameras (720p, 1080p, 4Mpx, 5Mpx)

Multistandard AHD Recorder


Key features
  • Video channels: 4, audio channels: 1
  • Recording speed: up to 120 fps (AHD), up to 60 fps (IP)
  • Internal HDDs mount: up to 1
  • Monitor outputs: 3 (2 x main, 1 x spot)
  • Supports HD analog cameras (720p, 1080p, 4MPX, 5MPX)
  • Supports AHD, TVI, CVI cameras
  • IP cameras support (hybrid mode)
  • Intelligent image analysis
Cross counting

A function that performs the counting of a defined line crossing, distinguishing the direction of a moving object. The function can be used to create statistics of visits to any public facilities.
Application example:
- counting the number of visitors to the selected store depending on days / week

Abandoned Object

The function allows to trigger a local alarm, send an e-mail, control the relay, or send a push notification to the mobile application after detecting in the observed zone the detection of the object left for a specified time.
Application example:
- leaving luggage at train stations, metro stations
- places with a parking ban


The function allows to trigger a local alarm, send an e-mail, activate the relay, or send a push notification to the mobile application after:
- covering the camera
- changing the scene of the camera (physical interference in the assembly)
- changing the focus settings (with cameras manually
adjustable focal length)

Video Input

4 x BNC

Operating mode

AHD 5Mpx, TVI 5Mpx, CVI 5Mpx, analog 960H

Monitor Output

main (split screen, full screen, sequence): 1 x HDMI (FullHD), 1 x VGA (FullHD), 1 x BNC,

spot: 1 x BNC interchangeably to main output (only analog cameras for spot display)

IP Streams

hybrid mode: 4 x BNC + 2 x IP

Supported IP resolution

max. 2592 x 1944

Audio Input/Output

1 x RCA (Line-in)/1 x HDMI, 1 x RCA


H.264, H.265

Recording Speed

120 fps (1280 x 720 - HD)

120 fps (960 x 1080 - 1080p Lite)

60 fps (1920 x 1080 - FullHD)

60 fps (1280 x 1440 - 4Mpx Lite)

40 fps (1280 x 1944 - 5Mpx Lite)

IP recording speed

hybrid mode: 60fps

IP stream size

hybrid mode: 16 Mb/s in total from all IP cameras

Recording Mode

continuous, triggered by: REC/PANIC button, motion detection, image analysis


individual settings for: each camera, each day of the week, configuration with an accuracy of: 1 min, possibility of combining individual recording modes


up to 5 s/up to 10 min

Playback speed

120 fps

IP playback speed

60 fps

Recorded Data Search

by date/time, events, image analysis events, motion in a defined area, tags

Backup Methods

USB port (HDD or Flash memory), network

Backup File Format

AVI, RPAS (player included)

Internal storage

available mount: 1 x HDD 3.5” SATA

Total Internal Capacity

10 TB

Motion Detection

18 x 22 grid, individual settings of sensitivity

System Reaction to Alarm Events

buzzer, e-mail, recording activation, PTZ, Full Screen

Intelligent image analysis
Number of channels

4 x BNC, 2 x IP (6000 Serie)

Supported functions for analog cameras

Line cross, Zone entrance

Supported functions for IP cameras

Object detection, Exception, Line cross, Zone entrance

Network Interface

1 x Ethernet - RJ-45 interface, 10/100 Mbit/s

Network Protocols Support


PC/MAC Software

NMS, Internet Explorer, N Control 6000/N Control 6000

Mobile applications

SuperLive Plus (iPhone, Android)

Max. Number of Connections with DVR

5 (live monitoring: 5, playback: 5, configuration: 5) , live monitoring up to 10 mainstreams, 24 substreams, playback up to 5 streams


40 Mb/s in total to all client workstations

PTZ Ports

1 x RS-485

PTZ Protocols

Pelco-D, Pelco-P

PTZ Functions

pan/tilt/zoom, preset commands, patterns

COAX Functions

menu, zoom, focus, PTZ

Auxiliary Interfaces
USB Ports

2 x USB 2.0

Operating system
Operating System



languages: Polish, English, Russian, others


IR remote controller, PC mouse (in-set included), network

System Diagnostic

automatic control of: HDDs, camera connection loss


password protection, IP filtering

Installation parameters
Dimensions (mm)

255 (W) x 42 (H) x 222 (D)


0.69 kg (without HDD)

Power Supply

12 VDC (100 ~ 240 VAC/12 VDC PSU in-set included)

Power Consumption

20 W (with 1 HDD)

Operating Temperature

-10°C ~ 50°C

The recorder is dedicated to work with AHD cameras, Novus 6000 series IP cameras and achieves the best functionality with them. In case of work with IP cameras intelligent image analysis, dualstream mode, PTZ control, motion detection and alarm inputs / outputs functions depend on the functionality of the IP camera and the capabilities of the communication protocol. Detailed data on camera compatibility with recorders and compatible hard drives can be found in the compatibility tables available in the DOWNLOADABLE FILES tab.
Display and playback speeds are achieved using dual stream.
The recording speed of analog cameras may be limited during playback.
File name Description  
3.07 MB
Installation manual
5.34 MB
N_CONTROL_6000_EN_PL_1.2.1.pdfUser manual

5.4 MB
NHDR-6000_series_FULL_PL(1.1).pdfUser manual

11.89 MB
NVR-6000_NVR-7000_NHDR-6000_Lista_dyskow_HDD_compatible_list_2021.11.19.xlsCompatibility table

174.5 KB
NVR, NHDR with IP cameras compatibility_Kompatybilnosc rejestratorow i kamer IP_15.12.2021.xlsxCompatibility table

277.36 KB

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