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The biggest threats to security of bank branches are:

  • enforcing the payment of money from the cash register
  • breaking into bank branches
  • problems with clients behaviour (objective events video verification)
  • frauds (identification and recognition of people suspected of illegal activity)
  • acts of vandalism (damage to ATM’s and other equipment)

In order to get support in design and implementation of security system process please contact our Sales Department.


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The biggest capital of each bank is the trust of its customers and the feeling that deposited funds are completely safe. Security is multidimensional in this case. Banking facility security plan consists of many elements and includes electronic security systems such as: video surveillance, intruder alarm, access control and fire alarm.

The plan development is a complex process and requires individual treatment of each establishment. The inability to create one common management plan for all objects is a result of various characteristics and locations of the branches, including distance to the nearest police station, agency property protection, fire department, the difficulties on the roads and possible detours, working time, as well as of restrictions on access to particular floors or rooms due to the material values and sensitive data. Another element differentiating the objects is a different level of threat. It applies to both the threats caused by nature and deliberate human actions (thefts, robberies, burglaries, acts of vandalism). Proper analysis of threats in the facility implies the need for using appropriate technical protection to eliminate them.

An important aspect of system design is the integration of above-mentioned security systems. This enables operation of all devices from a single, graphical interface and the automation of many processes.

AAT HOLDING S.A. has experience in the implementation of video surveillance systems and integrated systems for buildings with the highest security standards, such as banks, military facilities, government institutions and security printing. We offer specialized cameras to protect ATM’s, as well as own solutions to detect unauthorized stay in ATM’s vestibules. The concept of NOVUS monitoring system for distributed objects (branch networks) is based on a full centralization of the management system, thereby allowing to eliminate local operation.

We have implemented many security systems for banks. Most of them consists of several hundred facilities. We also participate in security departments conferences and implement solutions to new emerging threats.

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