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Installing electronic security systems in hotels and similar establishments is an important part of caring for safety of guests and employees. Threat analysis for these types of objects indicates that the most common situations requiring attention are:

  • thefts done by staff and by people outside the hotel
  • staying at the hotel by unauthorized people
  • unauthorized overnight stays
  • acts of vandalism
  • employees control
  • monitoring of parking and internal roads
  • limit the areas for defined categories of guests and employees
  • informing about the fire risk
  • objective video verification of events in the hotel area

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List of risks for each facility may be different depending on the type, location and characteristics of the guests. However, all administrators who have decided to install electronic security systems, including video surveillance system in their facilities, appreciate their presence. Their correct installation and operation enable the elimination or significant reduction of the risky and undesirable acts.

In most of the facilities, apart from necessary fire alarm and video surveillance systems, also alarm and access control systems are installed. Information from various systems must be verified by the hotel staff. With a high employee turnover the ability to support each of these systems, even at a basic level, requires frequent and extensive trainings. In many cases, the implementation of training procedures is expensive and not always possible. Thus there is a need to implement solutions that can automatically link information from multiple systems and help you make the right decision on how to proceed, when a specific type of event takes place. VENO software enables visualization and archiving of data from various systems on a single workstation and one or more monitors. This is a huge improvement for the staff, who does not have to operate electronic security systems and can focus their attention on core responsibilities.

Data exchange between the systems is via TCP/IP protocol, which gives great flexibility and unlimited possibilities of creating points of supervision and distribution of data generated by security systems.

Due to the complexity of hotel facilities, their openness and general accessibility, and the high safety requirements, a very important element in the implementation of such solutions is to choose a professional partner. Such person will help with the professional preparation of thefts analysis, present the advantages and disadvantages of selected technology, conduct supervision over the proper installation, implement procedures and ensure the maintenance of the system during operation. In order to really prevent threats, each stage of the security system implementation must be carried out in a professional manner. Wrong choice of technology or incorrect installation can be difficult to repair while operating.

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