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The most common of security incidents endangering the safety of sacred and historic buildings are:

  • intrusions
  • acts of vandalism
  • damage of property
  • thefts of exhibits
  • arsons

In order to get support in design and implementation of security system process please contact our Sales Department.


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A correct protection of sacred and cultural heritage buildings is a real challenge due to the priceless value of these objects for local communities and the whole society. Such protection must be entrusted to professionals and high-quality hardware, because this kind of object, once it’s lost, can’t be reconstructed, purchased or rebuilt.

When preparing a plan of protection against crime, including acts of vandalism and thefts, particular attention should be paid to the hazard analysis for the object. Such analysis will be completely different for museums, and different for stand-alone monuments, such as historic churches, open-air museums, etc. You should prepare the documentation of planned technical security and make the choice and placement of security devices for the analysis.

The key issue for all historic objects, especially the sacred ones, is to minimize the interference in the building while maintaining the planned security level. The protection features must be performed confidentially. You cannot interfere with the protected object and its surroundings because it must be maintained in the form it was created years ago. An important element in design is an aesthetic issue allowing the harmonious incorporation of security devices in the surroundings of the protected site (thanks to small size and background colour). Using the appropriate equipment you can take the security elements outside the protected building (long focal length lenses, long range detectors, etc.)

Electronic security systems, video surveillance, intruder alarm, have to be completed with additional procedures and physical security measures. None of the electronic systems can stop acts of vandalism or a thief with stolen exhibit. But those systems, while appropriately designed, should warn against danger as soon as possible. It will allow the security to quickly react, and also can be used as a proof for judicial authorities.

Lots of high-cultural-value historic buildings are under the competence of the Ministry of Culture, but also of the local authorities, companies and private persons. Not all of them are subject to the obligation to protect. That is the reason why we assist and share our knowledge in preparing and executing plans of electronic security systems for sacred and historic buildings with experts and everyone who asks for our help.

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