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NMS (NOVUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) software works with NOVUS® IP cameras and IP recorders, so that a stable and modern IP CCTV system can be created.

NOVUS® IP cameras

  • Wide offer of products allows our client to select a camera that best suits a particular task, both in terms of features and performance, as well as the financial resources available
  • The offer includes cameras with resolutions from 1.3 MPX (1280x960) to 8 MPX (3464x2312), with a framerate of 10-30 fps at a maximum resolution
  • Large selection of different types and versions of cameras: classic, dome, vandal-proof, in housing, speed-dome and with a "fish eye" lens
  • Models designed and intended specifically: to work in harsh weather conditions (IP66 and IP67), for very low and very high temperatures (from -40°C to 50°C) and a low-light scenes (built-in infrared illuminators)

Easy configuration of IP cameras

Individual configuration of each stream parameters directly from the NMS application

View IP camera models >>> 1.3 MPX, 2 MPX, 3 MPX, 5 MPX

NOVUS® IP NMS recorders

  • NMS is pre-installed in a dedicated PC-based recorder, which operate on the Windows Embeded 8 platform
  • Register up to 110 video streams in HD and support up to 12 hard drives
  • stationary and mobile recorders can be used in vehicles, models ready to be installed in RACK

NOVUS® NMS CLIENT workstations

  • Monitor up to 120 channels, display up to 75 channels
  • Support 6 independent monitors

Remote configuration

Full NMS server configuration by client applications

View IP NMS NVR recorders models >>> stationery, mobile

View NMS CLIENT models >>>

NOVUS® 5000 series IP recorders

  • NMS acts as client station for 5000 series IP standalone recorders and enables: live image preview, recordings playback, export to .avi and further streaming
  • 5000 series IP recorders can be used to archive recordings, as an economic alternative to PC-based recorders

View 5000 series IP recorders >>>


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