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Recorder, 4 cameras and cables

IP Set


The set allows to create a monitoring system consisting of a recorder and four cameras.
The recorder is already pre-configured, after connecting the cameras to PoE ports using the cables provided in the set receives and records the image. It also supports the receipt and configuration of image analysis events available in cameras. It is possible to display the image from the recorder in 4K resolution using the HDMI cable provided in the kit. The recorder has a 1 TB hard disk. The recorder cooperates with mobile software available for Android and iOS platforms.
Cameras allow effective observation both during the day and at night thanks to the built-in IR illuminators. They transmit the image from the recorder in FullHD resolution. They are also resistant to weather conditions (IP66). The built-in image analysis functions in the cameras allow to increase the efficiency of detecting alarm events.

Set contains :

Device set : 

1 x NVR-6304P4-H1 recorder

1 x hard drive 1 TB 

4 x NVIP-2DN3033V/IR-1P-II camera

4 x 20 m UTP cable

1 x 1 m UTP cable 

1 x 1,5 m HDMI cable

1 x optical mouse

Имя файла Описание  
Karta_Katalogowa_BOX_4KAMERY_ENG (1).pdf
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