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Company Overview

AAT HOLDING S.A. capital group was established in 1995 and since then it has become one of the leaders in the security industry in Poland. The company’s headquarter is located in Warsaw while it also has offices in several major Polish cities. Besides that, our products are sold by the network of authorized sales points located in the whole country, mainly around bigger agglomerations.

Since AAT Holding sp. z o.o. establishment, the security services products offered by the company have been very popular. Because of that in year 2000 the company decided to launch new, high quality and professional brand of CCTV – NOVUS. NOVUS products are distributed all over world through a network of authorized distributors. As part company strategy to actively strengthen NOVUS position on the international market, we are constantly seeking business partners with experience and who are successful within the field of security industry.

All around the world the security issues are considered to be high priority issues and video surveillance proves to be one of the best ways of protections against felony available nowadays. The security industry market was divided between inexpensive but unreliable no-name products and highly expensive systems developed by renowned companies. There was no third option for the customers. Not until NOVUS filled that market gap by offering a variety of high quality systems at competitive prices. Our company is constantly developing and working on our systems in order to make them more efficient and functional. To meet the customers’ expectations is one of the most important goals of NOVUS.

Our business strategy:

  • Providing a  wide range of high quality products
  • Constant developing of our offer and introducing innovative solutions
  • Developing a sales network and acquisition of new business partners
  • Providing sales and marketing support for distributors
  • Providing fast and reliable execution of orders and deliveries
  • Providing excellent individual service and technical support to our sales partners and installers

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