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Smart IR in 6000 series of NOVUS IP cameras


Smart IR function (in hardware support) is available in NVIP-5H-6412M/F, NVIP-5H-6422M/F, NVIP-5VE-6401/F and NVIP-5VE-6402M/F IP cameras from 6000 series.

Smart IR dynamically regulates the light intensity of built-in infrared lamp depending on the distance of the camera from the observed object. Thanks to this, the image is not overexposed and objects are clearly visible even at a small distance from the camera. This function is recommended for long-view scenes in which the observed objects approach the camera with turned-on infrared lamp. Automatic, dynamic change of IR LEDs lighting power depending on the observed scene results from the use of advanced components which support the operation of IR LEDs and algorithms implemented by a high-class CPU. It is also possible to manually set IR LEDs power level.

In order to show the dynamics of this function, we encourage to watch prepared demo video, which is available on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/EnVZJMRkUjY


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