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Elevator controller



The lift controller realizes centralized management by connecting indoor monitor, outdoor panel and Wiegand card reader. With easy operation and setting, this device meets users’ diversified needs. The module has two operating modes. The module relays can be connected directly to the elevator buttons or to the PLC inputs. Lift controller can be set to master and slave types. In one lift controller unit, the Master Controller communicates with other slave lift controller by RS485.

Proximity card reader

The built-in proximity card reader allows you to open the door or gate with Unique 125kHz card. Up to 5 proximity cards for one apartment.

Large facilities support

The controller support up to 16 floors. Connect 8 modules by RS485 port to support up to 128 floors. There can be up to 8 elevators in one building.

Powered by standard PoE, sPoE or 12V DC

Quick and efficient installation with minimal wiring. The Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology enables powering devices and their communication using the UTP telecommunications cable.  Elevator controller can be powered by standard PoE or sPoE 18V DC or by 12V DC.

Device type

Elevator controller


Up to 8 elevators, each up to 128 floors (1 controller up to 16 floors)

Card reader format

Interface Wiegand 26

Power supply input

12 V DC


18 V DC (NVE-SW200-7P), 48 V DC (standard PoE)

Port LAN

1 x 10M / 100M Ethernet


16 x NO / NC

File name Description  
Installation manual - lift controller NVE-ELV200_PL_ENG_11.02.22_0.pdf
Installation manual
2.81 MB
CE_NOVUS NVE-ELV200-sig.pdf
851.24 KB

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