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Higher performance of NMS NVR workstations



Thanks to the use of new generation processors, NMS NVR and NVSO workstations have higher performance now.  

NMS NVR 7-4U-II (rack-mounted) and NMS NVR 7-T-II (freestanding, tower housing) can record up to 150 video streams with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, using the H.265 codec. When using the H.264 codec, it is possible to record up to 120 streams while simultaneously displaying up to 70 auxiliary streams. The maximum resolution of cameras is 4000 x 3000. All units allow connection of up to three monitors and simultaneous operation of all devices with 4K resolution. They also allow you to connect up to 5 HDDs to save recorded material. In cases where the installation of additional software is required, it is recommended to use NVSO workstations. They have open platform that has no shell and has some security features turned off. NMS NVR and NVSO workstations are recommended for systems with a large number of cameras and many surveillance points requiring the transmission of video streams to many users.

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