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IP monitoring is the future of CCTV

The development of video transmission digital technology, increasing computational capabilities and decreasing prices of computer equipment, faster and more stable networks – all of these have created new opportunities for the security industry.

  • IP video surveillance systems gradually replace analog systems – they offer far better image quality and more video management capabilities
  • Analog TV has reached the peak of its development - due to technical constraints and the diminishing role on the market the analog technology is not developed as much as IP technology

IP CCTV advantages

  • Scalability and easy expansion - system can be expanded by another camera points (regardless of the number of inputs available on the recorder). The only limitation is the network bandwidth and performance of computer hardware with installed software
  • Unlimited range of the system - the distance from the recording camera unit is not limited by the range of a single transmission cable but only by the network bandwidth
  • Management and monitoring from any location - via TCP/IP network
  • Lowering the cost of installation, start-up and maintenance of the system - through the use of structured cabling – from the moment of video streams entry to a computer network – the number of cables is reduced compared with installations based on coaxial cables.


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