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Series Software File name File size
NVR 6000 NVR-6000Viewer 32-bit NVR-6000-Viewer-32-bit_Ver3.4.5_PL14_20190322.zip 80 MB
NVR 6000 NVR-6000Viewer 64-bit 80 MB
NHDR AHD NHDR-5000Viewer PC NHDR-5000 Viewer_1.5.34_2019_10_25.exe 19 MB
NHDR AHD DVR Playback Analyse i Video Player DvrPlayback_Analyse_ENU_RUS_V2.0.0.9.exe 16.56 MB
NHDR AHD NHDR-5000VIEWER MAC NHDR-5000 Viewer_1.5.35_2019_10_28.zip 17 MB
IP2000 IP2000 Series password generator IP2000 series password generators with manual.zip 1.61 MB
IP2000 Device Config Tool Device Config Tool with manuals.zip 6.2 MB
IP 3000 NMS IP Tool NMSiptool.exe 5.28 MB
H Series iRAS iRAS_3.3.6.zip 116 MB
E series E-Viewer EViewerSetup_2.1.0.103_b1312261.exe 18.63 MB
E Series E-Archiver E-Archiver Setup_1.0.1_b201107251.exe 8.9 MB
E Series E-Tracker E-Tracker Setup_1.0.0_b201107251.exe 6.96 MB
B Series CMS CMS20120911173233- 11.91 MB
B Series B-Viewer B-Viewer.2.1.3.exe 31.33 MB
B Series SuperPlay SuperPlay.zip 815.38 KB
NMS Calc NMS_Calc_Setup.exe 3,14MB
NMS ANPR (UE) NMS-ANPR_v2_3_95_NOVUS.exe 48.79 MB
NMS ANPR 2.0 NMS-ANPR 2.0-2604.zip 109 MB
NMS ANPR 2.0 DEMO NMS-ANPR 2.0-2604-Demo.exe 96 MB

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