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Series Software File name File size
NVR 6000 N Control 6000 MAC N Control 6000_ver2.1.2.10830.pkg_.zip 118 MB
NVR 6000 NVR-6000Viewer 32-bit NVR-6000-Viewer-32-bit_Ver3.4.5_PL14_20190322.zip 80 MB
NVR 6000 NVR-6000Viewer 64-bit NVR-6000-Viewer_x64_Ver3.4.5_PL14_20190508.zip 80 MB
NVR 6000 N Control 6000 PC N Control 6000 x64 Ver2.1.2.10830.exe.zip 430 MB
NHDR AHD NHDR-5000Viewer PC NHDR-5000 Viewer_1.5.34_2019_10_25.exe 19 MB
NHDR AHD DVR Playback Analyse i Video Player DvrPlayback_Analyse_ENU_RUS_V2.0.0.9.exe 16.56 MB
NHDR AHD NHDR-5000VIEWER MAC NHDR-5000 Viewer_1.5.35_2019_10_28.zip 17 MB
IP2000 IP2000 Series password generator IP2000 series password generators with manual.zip 1.61 MB
IP2000 Device Config Tool Device Config Tool with manuals.zip 6.2 MB
H Series iRAS iRAS_3.3.6.zip 116 MB
E series E-Viewer EViewerSetup_2.1.0.103_b1312261.exe 18.63 MB
E Series E-Archiver E-Archiver Setup_1.0.1_b201107251.exe 8.9 MB
E Series E-Tracker E-Tracker Setup_1.0.0_b201107251.exe 6.96 MB
B Series CMS CMS20120911173233- 11.91 MB
B Series B-Viewer B-Viewer.2.1.3.exe 31.33 MB
B Series SuperPlay SuperPlay.zip 815.38 KB
NMS Calc NMS_Calc_Setup.exe 3,14MB
NMS IP Tool NmsIPTool.exe 147 MB
NOVUS Quick Support Novus_Support.exe 17 MB

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