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Implementation of monitoring systems aims to:

  • discourage potential criminals to take action in the supervised area (prevention)
  • supervise key places which are important for residents, the passageways, staircases, parking, etc.
  • get video material in a quality allowing for potential use in the lawsuit
  • identify people entering/leaving the building
  • manage the movement of cars within the estate
  • ensure effective and rapid interventions in crisis situations (in cooperation with the police and other security forces)

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Video surveillance systems are standard safety systems in newly put to use buildings and housing estates. Obvious advantages of video monitoring for residents result in growing interest from existing settlements and estates. In order to improve its safety and comfort of citizens they decide to install a camera system.

Due to the growing interest in security issues among local communities and a relatively high level of acceptance for video surveillance in surrounding area, there will be more and more of such systems. Additionally, constant decline in CCTV devices cost makes them affordable even for small settlements, without exceeding the budget. The final quality of the video stream in these systems is dynamically growing, which allows you to see the wide and detailed scenes. The studies prove that the installation of the monitoring system can reduce crime up to 80%. If total number of crimes increase, it is always lower in monitored areas than in those without video surveillance. After installation there is a tendency to migrate crime into areas not covered by such supervision, which is why it is particularly important to install monitoring throughout the whole estate.


As for each object type, implementation and choice of technology must be preceded by the threats analysis for such facility. Reliable analysis must be carried out in cooperation with the administrator of the facility and its residents and it should:

  • determine the basic types of threats to the facility,
  • establish, on the basis of interviews with local residents and authorities, the number of camera points and their types (stationary cameras, PTZ, color)
  • determine whether the system is maintenance-free, and should have surveillance centres (and determine their exact number),
  • provide the video signals to other users, e.g. the police, residents, etc.,
  • select the transmission medium (fiber, radio or copper cables) and the type of transmitted signals (analog HD or digital signal)
  • determine how to distribute individual images from the cameras to monitoring centres and possibilities of using existing telecommunication installation,
  • determine the manner and the parameters of archiving, copying and sharing of recorded material (archival time, resolution, quality)
  • determine whether the system is final, whether its extension should be possible and integration with elements of already functioning security system.

After concept preparation we can estimate costs of system implementation. On the basis of these findings map should be drawn, showing all elements of this concept. It will help you create a detailed design of the monitoring system with a precise description of each point of camera, the proposed devices and the way they operate, and the routes of cable and related work.

Completion of the monitoring system is associated with the testing and acceptance procedures. You must confirm the compatibility of the devices used with the project (technical documentation). Additionally, you should determine whether the observed scenes correspond to the conceptual assumptions and the relevant provisions concerning the conditions of recognition and identification of people. Failure to meet these standards will prevent the use of archived materials in the evidence.

To ensure continuous operation of the system, you should take care of maintenance and technical support for contractor after putting the system to use. If the agreement lacks executive records of the periodic functional tests during the warranty and after that, the system is going to gradually lose its functionality and degrade. If regular checkups, repairs and cleaning the cameras and housings are not being done, comfort and effects of the operators work are limited.

Advanced applications supplied with device allow constructor to build lots of monitoring stations capable of surveillance and viewing camera images from multiple distributed locations and redundant storage. The possibility of remote configuration and monitoring the state of devices allows you to eliminate local service and focus all management functions in one or several management centres. Configuration of event scenarios enables automation of many standard monitoring processes.

Further, to improve the work of operators, network applications enable the use of independently prepared by the system administrator graphics - maps. With the ease and intuitiveness of use, this feature allows you to increase the efficiency of the operators and thus better supervision of monitoring facilities.

The sense of safety of residents depends on the applied solutions and the selection of the monitoring system contractor. In order to strengthen security and protect the residents with their common property professionally, there should be trusted partners with proven, experience in implementing such systems, who hold the most advanced technological solutions, guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability. AAT SYSTEMY BEZPIECZEŃSTWA sp. z o.o. provides the highest quality of own solutions and support in the planning and implementation of these systems.

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