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Among the typical threats at school there are:

  • illegal presence on campus
  • acts of violence
  • act of violence against the school staff
  • acts of vandalism and property devastation
  • thefts
  • bullying
  • frauds
  • illegal substances trafficking
  • accidents
  • random events

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Schools and educational institutions are places where safety is a priority for the staff and students’ parents. Its level depends on many elements, but properly implemented electronic security systems guarantee significant increase in protection level.

The implementation of monitoring system cannot be a single act but a process preceded by many activities, even after installation. Therefore the implementation of video surveillance system in all its stages should be delegated to professionals who will help the investor with selection of technology and specific products. They can also let you design and implement the system, create procedures and ensure uninterrupted operation.

The essential element of video surveillance system implementation is pre-analysis of potential threats to the facility. Solutions adopted from other similar places might not be effective in other facility. Different institutions can be exposed to different dangers with varying intensity and specification, thus the video surveillance system must take into account such diversity.

Teachers on duty during break are unable to prevent all potential dangers but the monitoring system will significantly increase effectiveness of supervision and will help prevent many dangerous situations. The very awareness of being recorded and observed forces the resignation of unlawful behaviour or their migration outside the school. Furthermore, when the action takes place in the field of camera view, it is possible to objectively verify the act using the archival material (up to several dozen days ago), which eliminates the need to rely solely on the contradictory testimony of participants or witnesses.

Educational institutions often install video surveillance systems with access control systems in order to control the flow of people, prevent the entry of unauthorized people into the facility and restrict entry to the prohibited zones for the selected user type (facilities, staff room, class). Moreover, automatic information linking from these two systems enables you to prevent access cards sharing or unauthorized use of cards.


The video surveillance, in connection with access control, is recommended solution for the above-described situations and guarantees safety at school.

By installing these systems on the school ground you acquire:

  • increase in safety level
  • improvement of surveillance system efficiency
  • objective events video verification
  • easy identification of people present at school


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